Maverick "Mav Man" Allen

This is a bit more of a personal entry today as today's events were brought to us in celebration of Maverick's 3rd Birthday! Maverick or "Mav Man" as we affectionately call him, is really into big trucks and loud motors. So what better place to take a boy on his birthday than a monster truck rally complete with motocross and a human cannonball! Being a fairly warm October day, a bright blue sky providing a beautiful backdrop to Tennessee's red dirt track at the Great Smokey Mountain Speedway. The trucks roared to life and kicked up dust and sped over jumps and crushed the green demolition cars. Motocross riders came out and jumped a whopping 75' into a massive airbag, flipping and performing tricks that they pulled off with the greatest of ease. A stuntman was next to race around the obstacles in a beat up stunt car. Hitting the edges of ramps he was able to roll the car on two wheels! Then he hit another and rolled the car, everyone held their breath in the stands to see how he held up... a few seconds later we see the same car he just rolled start back to life and he continues on. The show began to wrap up and the grand finale was a brave man climbing into a huge shiny stainless steel and chrome cannon that was designed to launch him far up into the air and then safely land into a net . Boom! the cannon rang out and seconds later he is in the net and then back safe on the ground. Little Mav Man loved the show and enjoyed seeing all the big trucks up close and especially loved the buttery monster truck popcorn!