Two become one, plus four...

Our story together began on the banks of a river in our home state of Michigan. A bonfire, a few good friends and lot of laughs joined Levon & Gwen on an ongoing adventure that has led us further and beyond what either of us have ever hoped for in life. Love.

Our journey took us further north in the straights of Mackinaw, not knowing what was awaiting us for us but ever eager to make the leap as a couple in a world new to both of us.

Fast forward one year to the date, we are eloping and Gwen is having our first child together, baby boy Hunter has made us a family of 5, Another year passed and another son joins our clan, Maverick Garrison, and then two more follow, twins girls Harper & Matilda.

After a few years of colder winters in the icy straights we picked up our bags and headed south, All the way back to where Levon was raised in South East Tennessee.

And so now here we are! Almost one year has passed since our "christmas vacation" style exodus of our lifestyle into a 28' Blue Beast of a motorhome (ask us for the funny story later) a journey that not only pushed us all physically closer but emotionally closer and stronger as a family. We are here to stay and look forward to meeting your family and sharing our stories further.

Family portrait wearing red in front of fence in front of rustic barn